Hospitality exists when
you believe the other person
is on your side

Welcome to Rits Hospitality

Rits Hospitality is independently owned company comprising of its own
Restaurants, Bars and Event Venues across Netherlands and Switzerland.

Leading from
the front

Our dynamic team of enterprising industry players
are pioneers in their field, ensuring that products
and offerings are constantly evolving to cater to the
ever-evolving tastes of their loyal clientele.

From Founder & Director

Helmed by Rits Soin, Founder and Director of Rits Hospitality and a trusted voice in the industry, I believe it is both our duty and our mandate to ensure its survival and prosperity through leveraging our expertise, global network of contacts, market insights and passion for hospitality.

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In Partnership

Brands & Location

  • Illusion

    Indian Tapas & Cocktail Bar
  • Quench

    Sports Bar & Lounge

We bring all the elements
of a complete experience

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