Who We Are

What We Do

Rits Hospitality is independently owned company comprising of its own Restaurants, Bars and Event Venues across Netherlands and Switzerland. We operate Food & Beverage brands to provide exceptional hospitality experience to its corporate and individual clients.


Our dynamic team of enterprising industry players are pioneers in their field, ensuring that products and offerings are constantly evolving to cater to the ever-evolving tastes of their loyal clientele while drawing in a regular stream of new customers looking to try something fresh and

Vision & Mission

Our Vision To remain a purpose-driven, results-focused, synergistic alliance of professionals.

Our Mission To provide superbly experiential dining in premium locations in the Europe and Middle.

core value

Service We strive to provide exceptional customer service by anticipating guest needs and delivering warm smart service.

Passion A desire and capacity to go above and beyond mediocrity is often what separates average performers and amateurs from extraordinary performers.

ExcellenceExcellence is a standard for personal achievement, totally immersed in the belief that we are capable & meant for much more than we fathom, think or

Rits Soin

Founder & Director

At Rits Hospitality, we are proud to serve our clients and partners with our signature warmth, trust and passion and we welcome you to take a seat at our table to discover our recipe for success for yourselves.

Peter Spruit


With more than 15 years in Investments planning and management, Peter Spruit is considered an expert in his field. Throughout his career, Peter worked with some of the leading investment firms.


Concept Designer

Mr. Amir look at a restaurant business a bit like a machine, with so many pieces and functioning parts. If something isn’t working, he hone in and identify that element. He has incepted some of the most successful concepts around the world

Sachiin Srivastav

Branding Head

Highly synchronized work style, makes Sachin the powerhouse of Branding at Rits Hospitality. His creative mind behind our creative marketing campaigns, clinching brand partnerships, and ensuring the best customer experiences. Sachin experts at luxury brands building, marketing activities and corporate communication.

Kim Hernan

Media Officer

Highly energetic and enthusiastic person, Kim’s experience expands through all Marketing functions, and specialised in Social Media & Digital Marketing. A key person at Rits Hospitality with expanding our online presence and constantly keeping our customers and followers engaged with our brands on various platforms


Executive Chef

Mr. Harjeet, having worked with top hotels – Radisson, Hyatt, Marriot, is an expert on the conceptualizing of design-oriented food and beverage outlets, special events and training of operational staff in different capacities. Mr. Harjeet has been in the culinary world for now over 25 years. His philosophy is to take standard recipes and tweak them with new, contrasting flavours, providing signature tastes that are original and scalable.